About SBN

SBN was set up in March 2007 by Liz Bygrave, Dominique Meeroff and Tony Sephton. Thirty people came to the very first meeting in Muswell Hill (still held at the same venue – Sable D’Or), so it was clear right from the start that we’d tapped into a strong need in the local business community. Over four years later, our meetings in Muswell Hill, West Hampstead and now Finsbury Park continue to attract and support a wide variety of local business people. Our members tell us that they really enjoy coming to the meetings and networking with other local business owners, growing their customer base, benefiting from the mutual support and collaboration that takes place so naturally between our members, and from the valuable learning that we all receive about running a business through our 2pm Talks,Masterclasses and Masterminding Sessions.

After two years of funding from a local council (now at an end due to government cuts) we are excited to have moved to the next phase in our development with our new affordable membership. For more info, click here.


OUR MISSION STATEMENT: we believe in small businesses and the vital part they play in our economy. Our aim is to support people in making a success of their talents and their passion by making a living from what they love doing and what they’re good at. We also believe in a sustainable economy and working towards a fairer world for all.


Our mission is to help small business people
* grow their businesses
* feel part of a thriving local business community
* flourish whatever the economic situation
* avoid the mistakes which so many small businesses make because they don’t have the appropriate advice or support



LIZ BYGRAVE –  Co-Founder
Liz realised in her early twenties that she was never going to be suited to a conventional 9-5 job, or to working for someone else. So she has been her own boss since the early 1990s, making her very well acquainted with both the joys and the challenges of being self employed.

Liz started off as an alternative health therapist (in massage and reflexology), then turned to publishing an alternative health newsletter, before finally settling on running SBN, alongside her other passion, Sweet Sensations.  So when she’s not working on SBN, she is running raw chocolate workshops, making sugar, dairy and wheat free desserts and chocolate, and writing recipe booklets.

Dominique grew up in Montreal, Canada and moved to New York after leaving school to work as a singer/songwriter and performer. She came to London in 1994 and started her career as an alternative therapist and teacher of the Metamorphic Technique. She soon realised that being successfully self-employed required  a lot of different skills and after discovering  the benefits of local networking,  she decided to set up her own group with Liz.


KASIA PARKES – Admin Assistant
Kasia does a great job of handling much of the day to day admin of SBN. Though she is a very efficient admin assistant, her main job and passion is as a healer. Kasia lives and works in Muswell Hill.


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