Brands Bring Business

December 7, 2015 in Business Networking, Marketing, Muswell Hill Meetings, Small Business Networking

Think of some of the iconic images in our consumer lives: Hovis, with the man climbing up a cobbled hill; Mars, which will help you eat, work and play; Pepsi, which helps the world to sing; Heineken, which refreshes the parts other beers don’t reach; or going to work on an egg. These, and other images and slogans, create strong branding for the products they are promoting. And, while all of these brands were designed by and for large corporates with plenty of money to throw at promotion, small business owners should be equally focussed on their brand.

As Julie Harris put it in her talk at the Small Business Network’s November 2015 meeting, brands should add value to what they represent. Julie, whose Yellowfinch Marketing helps other small businesses with creating the right brand, was just the latest in a long line of ¬†speakers at the monthly Small Business Network meetings, held at Sable D’Or, Muswell Hill Broadway. But talks aren’t the only reason to attend SBN: most attendees go to benefit from the networking opportunities, to promote their products and services to other small business owners.

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What Makes Your Business Stand Out?

April 28, 2015 in Business Networking, Marketing, Presentation Skills, Small Business Networking

How do you communicate the worth of your small business to potential new clients when you offer an intangible service, rather than a physical product? That was the key question emerging from the ‘Question Mastermind’ session at the latest meeting of the Small Business Network, held, as usual, at Sable D’Or in Muswell Hill.

And the answer? Visualisation. Small business owners must find a way to paint a picture of their service – of what they can do for their customers – through real or hypothetical examples, through videos on web sites, through detailed explanations. Read the rest of this entry →

Fads and Fancies

February 24, 2015 in Marketing, Small Business Advice, Social Media

by Marcia MacLeod

Have you got the latest smartphone? Do you read all the fashion press? Are you eating your goji berries? (Or is it now avocado smoothies, ugly fruit and yak’s milk cheese?) Is your web site the most stylish on the planet – complete with lots of photos, a list of Facebook ‘likes’, references to other social media and ‘sharing’ your business routine with anyone who cares to look?

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