Small Business Network West Hampstead Meeting Report March 2012

March 8, 2012 in g+, Google+, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, seo, Uncategorized, West Hampstead Meetings by lizbygrave

There were eight of us at this meeting, so it was a small, but very enjoyable and productive, event.

Some potentially very productive connections were made, for instance between SBN member Eileen MacCallum, a copywriter who specialises in writing/editing web content (amongst other things) and Ciaran Ryan who does Website MOTs for £99.00.

Also present were Melanie Oakley who provides virtual support, Katharine Locke – herbalist and iridologist, accountant Michael Gainey, Marcia MacLeod, copywriter and owner/creator of Your Allotment magazine, Paul Melnick, a representative from Barclays Bank, and yours truly, Liz Bygrave, my other hat (aside from SBN) being raw chocolate.

Our themed discussion, How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website, was really lively and interesting although naturally, we were barely able to scratch the surface of this vast subject in just 30 minutes! It was great to have Ciaran there as SEO is his area of expertise and he was able to give us some fab tips on the topics we did manage to cover: whether it’s still worth doing ‘reciprocal links’; google (how could one have a discussion about seo and not talk about google?!); and how blogging can help to drive more traffic to your site, including how to set up a blog site that will actually help the seo of your website (more on this at the April Muswell Hill meeting – see below).

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Report on the West Hampstead December 2011 Meeting

December 7, 2011 in Small Business, West Hampstead Meetings by lizbygrave

Well initially it looked like it was just going to be myself and copywriter Eileen MacCallum in an extremely small networking meeting! But luckily we had lots of late arrivals so there were ten of us in the end.

Still a small meeting of course, but as tends to be the way with these smaller meetings, they turn out to be just as much fun, and just as productive as the larger events, just in a different way.

So we had what turned out to be a wonderful group exchange, with a particular focus on a couple of the business people there. One was Marcus Greve, a dynamic Dutchman who speaks six languages and has recently set up a fruit and vegetable stall in Brentford, as well as a delivery service for homes and restaurants, with a focus on quality and freshness combined with lower than supermarket prices. Marcus would like to set up a similar stall in West Hampstead so the group was looking at the viability of that (can you believe – one year is the average time it takes to get a license for a market stall?).

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Report on the West Hampstead November 2011 Meeting

November 2, 2011 in Facebook, Meetings, Online Marketing, West Hampstead Meetings by lizbygrave

We had 12 attendees, 4 new visitors, and a very useful and interesting masterclass with the delightful Alicia Cowan, who made marketing your business with Facebook sound like a cinch!

It was obvious that quite a few people had made a special effort to come to this meeting because they are struggling with Facebook, or even with the idea of setting up a business Facebook page. Alicia deconstructed the mystery that is Facebook, and succintly described the exact set up process, also giving some tips on what to call your page: ‘Your Name – Your Business Description’ is a good combination.

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Report on the September West Hampstead Meeting

September 7, 2011 in Email Marketing, Meetings, West Hampstead Meetings by smallbiz

by Dominique

This was a really great meeting in which we focused a lot on using the web to bring in more business.

Valerie Eaton’s masterclass on email marketing was very comprehensive – she told us exactly how and why to set up an email newsletter campaign to bring in more business. For more information on Valerie’s virtual assistant services visit

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Report on the August West Hampstead Meeting

August 12, 2011 in Meetings, West Hampstead Meetings by smallbiz

by Liz

For a change, I ran this meeting as Dominique was away in Canada – which I was really pleased about as it was a really enjoyable meeting.

Marcia MacLeod was there with the second edition of her new ‘Your Allotment’ magazine (yet again, great reading), and we had several new members ranging from copywriters to pilates to yoga teachers.

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