How To Succeed In Small Business

December 18, 2015 in Business Networking, Muswell Hill Meetings, Small Business Networking by lizbygrave

How and why did you start your business?  For many, it was a lucky accident: they fell into it by being made redundant, being asked to help a friend, or invented something to solve their own problem.  For Priya Tourkow, her special interest in relationship counselling came about because most of the people coming to her psychotherapy sessions had problems in their relationships with partners or family members. Sarah Montgomery’s leap into promoting and selling Forever Living aloe vera products started from a desire to do something part-time from home that was more interesting, reliable and lucrative than her work as a  musician and aromatherapist.

But for both small business owners, the downside to being your own boss is the need to market, promote and plan your business – and for that, they come to north London’s Small Business Network, where support, advice and a wealth of good suggestions are available. Priya and Sarah faced the spotlight in the last SBN meeting, held on 19 October 2015 at Sable D’Or, Muswell Hill Broadway, to talk about their journey to small business success and to answer questions from the other 19 networkers attending the monthly meeting.

October’s participants included six new small business owners, offering an amazing range of products and services. Derek Gray, for example, has invented a cycle immobiliser to protect all those cyclists who fear their bikes will be stolen. Pierino Schiavone left his accountancy training behind to run a clothing company, specialising in T-shirts, a company making eco-leather from fish (!!), and the development of a social network app for those who can’t bear to be away from their friends.

Amanda Johnson runs Smart PA offering office services to business, while Saheda Jugoo also provides a business service: bookkeeping for property investors and landlords. Emily Jane Love also helps small business owners, working with them to tap into their intuition and exploit it for both their business and their personal life.

When long hours and the uncertainty of being out on your own get too much, small business owners can benefit from the weekend retreats offered by Debbie Hryb – and if the office (or house) is too cluttered, SBN has a man to help de-clutter it: Manato Jay, a gardener in summer and de-clutter in winter, helping to create nice spaces in all sorts of environments.

The Small Business Network quite clearly has benefit for its members. Two attendees at the last meeting came back for a second bite of the networking cherry. Emily Kruszewska offers English language teaching, ideal for those wanting to give a job to an immigrant whose English may not yet be good enough, while Julie Harris of Yellowfinch Marketing concentrates on helping businesses with marketing and brand image.

But even more proof that SBN really does what it says on the tin come from people like Sarah Montgomery,  financial advisor Andrew Weigelt, Rebecca Fishman (business and personal development coach) and Rebekah Hillman (of Hillman Legal Partners, specialising in wills, probate and Power of Attorney), and nutritional therapist and kinesiologist Ella Owen, who ensure SBN’s monthly meetings earn a permanent place in their diaries.

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