Small Business Network Muswell Hill Meeting Report June 2013

July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized by lizbygrave

Four new members joined 17 other networkers at the Small Business Network’s June meeting, held on Monday, the 17th 2013, at Sable D’Or, Muswell Hill Broadway. Not surprisingly, Nicola Zuliana had a queue of small business owners waiting to talk to him after the one-minute go-round, and I bet few of them had their small businesses in mind – for Nicola sells organic Italian wines, as well as a few other Italian goodies.

If you have too much of Nicola’s wine, you might need to turn to Costas Chaniotis, who is training to become a metamorphic technician; he hopes to qualify by the end of the year, so he can help small business owners suffering from too much work-related tension.

Colin Durban’s service was more related to the needs of small businesses: he is a video producer specialising in marketing videos, ideal for showing local groups of prospective clients a little about what your business can offer.

And if you ever have to translate from English to German or Spanish – or vice versa – Francine Cronin can help you out, as she runs an interpretation and translation service, supplying multi-lingual experts to international political events, as well as business meetings.

Many small business owners offer a discount for Small Business Network members, and this meeting proved no exception. Rebecca Fishman, small business coach, promises three coaching sessions for £90, while Sarah Montgomery knocked 15% off the price of her Aloe Vera-based products purchased on the day of the meeting. These included salves and creams which will help ease blisters, bites, stings – and even hay fever. Isa Levy repeated her offer of £2.50 per week to rent one of her colourful artworks, just right for brightening up home or office.

Amanda Eatwell brought a range of blank cards made from her stunning photographs, three for £5, while Liz Bygrave, founder of Small Business Network, brought her latest Sweet Sensation – delicious natural chocolates in crunchy mint flavour. Marcia MacLeod showed off her re-designed magazine, Your Allotment, also boasting that the magazine had made a profit for two issues in a row, even though it had been going less then two years.

Several small business owners received unprompted referrals. Although referrals are not required at the Small Business network, as they are at some other networking groups, Isa Levy,  Amanda Eatwell,  finance director Andy Weigelt, Becky Beach, who runs Muswell Flyer and Highgate Flyer magazines, and David Roth, computer support, were all commended by other members.

David RothDavid Roth gave the June talk, too – What Is Cloud Computing? We’ve all heard the phrase, but few realised they actually worked ‘in the cloud’ – and probably every day. David de-mystified the vague concept of cloud computing and explained how we can best make use of the wealth of applications and services available.

Marcia MacLeod takes centre stage at the next meeting, on 15 July, when she will explain why text doesn’t speak, orDan Priestley (2) how small business owners can write emails, web copy and printed material more effectively.

There is no August meeting, but on 16 September, Daniel Priestley, entrepreneur and author extraordinaire, will be talking about ‘Understanding The Entrepreneur’s Journey’.

For more info about this, and our fantastic autumn line up of talks click here