Small Business Network Muswell Hill Meeting Report March 2013

April 2, 2013 in Business Networking, Muswell Hill Meetings by lizbygrave

The Small Business Network celebrated its seventh anniversary by welcoming 24 small business owners – including four new networkers – to its March meeting at Sable D’Or on Muswell Hill Broadway.

One attendee, David Lawson, was still in the process of setting up his first, as yet unnamed, small business, restoring antique furniture. He had joined the Small Business Network in order to get advice and tips on how to go about starting on his new venture, always a daunting prospect for any fledgling small business owner.

Elaine Reeves, another first-timer, could help David and all the other members of the Small Business Network because she specialises in producing personalised branded items, allowing small businesses to market themselves through giveaway pens, diaries, bags, and so on.

Other small businesses joining SBN for the first time included Julie Adams; who helps small business owners use social media to best effect; Kate Chesser, whose company, Scenar Therapy, offers pain relief through electrical impulses; and Nicci Parry, a nutritional therapist with a clinic in Archway and another off Harley Street.

Another nutritional therapist, Alix Woods, is part of the Health & Wellbeing Centre in Winchmore Hill. Her specialist areas are Zest4life weight loss coaching programmes for adults and children; (especially post natal mums), digestive disorders, allergies and food intolerances.

Established Small Business Network members Isa Levy and Chrissie Parker repeated their special offers for SBN members. Chrissie, who runs Feng Shui for Life, will give any member a once-over of their home or office to offer tips of how they can change the feng shui of the premises to enhance the quality of their lives for just £60. Members can brighten up their home or office, too, with a painting by artist Isa, who will rent one of her works out to Small Business Network members for the equivalent of just £2.50 per week.

Vicky Williams, who makes jewellery under the Jewels of Distinction banner, asked networkers if they knew of any retail premises who might be willing to stock her goods. She has also started ‘jewellery’ parties for adults and children, which can include a make-your-own session.

Amanda Eatwell will take pictures of people or products, ideal for personalising a web site, but is also continuing with teaching sessions for those who want to become better photographers themselves.

Sarah Montgomery is looking for more people who want to increase their income through Forever Living, the Aloe Vera  company.


The 2pm Talk: How To Get A Winning Mindset with Charlotta Hughes

Charlotta Hughes To sell anything successfully, though, you need to have a positive mindset, and this month’s speaker, Charlotta Hughes told small business networkers how to get a winning mindset. Charlotta, of Be Me Life Coaching, told attendees how to increase their confidence and fulfil their potential.

“Whatever you do is governed by what’s in your mind,” she emphasised. “Negative thinking can hold us back. Acknowledge your positives – don’t beat yourself up over your failures – and remember you are in control of your own thoughts.” Charlotta has just won Life Coach of the Year Award, so what she preaches seems to work!

Wise words. However good the product or service on offer, no small business owner will succeed if they don’t blow their own trumpet once in a while.