Small Business Network Muswell Hill Meeting Report March 2012

March 21, 2012 in Business Networking, Meetings, Muswell Hill Meetings, Presentation Skills, Small Business Networking by lizbygrave

As usual, a wonderful meeting! We had well over 30 attendees at this event, including 11 ‘newbies’.

More than one person came up to me and commented on what a varied and friendly group of people it was, and how much they were enjoying it. And in SBN’s fifth birthday month (can you believe it?) it was SO great to hear people say that they’d heard so many positive things about us over the years, and were very pleased they’d finally managed to make it along.

Welcome to our latest members: Paul Cowell – a retired policeman who now offers a house security and pet sitting service in North London, and Vicky Williams of Jewels of Distinction.

Thanks to Becky Beach who is doing her usual great job of spreading the word about SBN meetings amongst her advertisers, and to Lucy Hall (of Lucy’s Web Designs and Loving Social Media), who brought along the lovely Karen Knott, a business coach.

Due to the large number of people, we made the One Minute Go Round in the middle of the meeting into a ’40 Minute Go Round’, followed by more networking as people munched on the delicious canapes (goat’s cheese and chocolate together in the one canape – surprisingly delicious) which were brought along by Sam Wild of Wild Thexton Catering, and the raspberry chocolate I’d made. In addition we had two display tables – Neal’s Yard toiletries from Jo Tocher, and Vicky Williams‘ beautiful range of jewellery (Jewels of Distinction). I bought a lovely pendant from Vicky a few years ago and still mourn the fact that I mislaid it a couple of years ago. Luckily Vicky says she should be able to get me another one!

Again due to the large numbers, we didn’t have time for the usual five minute ‘recommendation session’ after the go round, which was a shame as I was really looking forward to mentioning the really good food photography lesson Amanda Eatwell of AJE Photography gave me recently (yes, alas, running a chocolate business does involve more than doing lots of recipe tasting – you have to have ways of showing people what you’ve made as well!).

I also wanted to recommend Ella Owen and Dominique Meeroff’s Sacred Life Alchemy evening workshops in Muswell Hill. Their wonderful energy work is very powerful and I felt lots of shifts happening after the workshop last week.

The 2pm Talk: First Impressions – Do You Have The Wow Factor?
Finally…to the excellent talk by Carol Noakes and Corinna Powlesland of VoiceLtd. As befits two actresses, this was a very dynamic and engaging talk. In fact, it was more of a mini workshop than a talk: at one point they somehow managed to get us all standing in a huge circle around the edge of the room, clapping and saying  ‘you!’ or ‘oi!’ to the people next to us. No idea what Sable D’Or’s customers downstairs thought about it all!

After the meeting, Lucy stayed behind to show Debby Sass how to manage the new website she’s built for her – – and then to interview me about how I use social media in my businesses. Yikes!

There were so many wonderful people and businesses at this meeting – for instance Louise Exeter with her usual eloquent presentation about Chi Reflexology, Nichola Charalambou whose Creative Writes workshops seem to going great guns, SBN’s accountant Michael Gainey, financial advisor Joe Procopio, feng shui consultant Chrissie Parker, and others that I just don’t have space to mention this time.